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  • Reimagining the Health Assessment

    Rich Bedrosian, PhD, Amy Bucher, PhD, Tyler Steben, Scott Rigby, PhD, Bobbi Coluni, Steve Bennett, MS

  • The Avalanche Hypothesis and Compression of Morbidity: Testing Assumptions through Cohort-Sequential Analysis

    Jordan Silberman, Chun Wang, Shawn T. Mason, Steven M. Schwartz, Matthew Hall, Jason L. Morrissette, Xin M. Tu, Janet Greenhut

  • Nationwide Survey Demonstrates Quality of Life for Osteoarthritis Patients is Affected by More Than Just Physical Pain

    Jack Groppel, PhD; Charles DeCook, MD; and James M. Giuffre, BA

  • The Patient Athlete™ Program: Empowering Joint Replacement Patients in Their Own Wellness Journey and Experience

    Jack Groppel, PhD and Daniel Hoeffel, MD


  • The Triple Aim’s Missing Link: Meaningful Engagement for Patients with Chronic Conditions

    Amy Bucher, PhD & Raphaela O’Day, PhD

  • Sustained Economic Value of a Wellness and Disease Prevention Program: An 8-Year Longitudinal Evaluation

    Steven M. Schwartz, PhD; Shawn T. Mason, PhD; Chun Wang, MS; Lidia Pomana, MA; Maren E. Hyde-Nolan, MA and Eli W. Carter, BS

  • Do Health-Related Behaviors Ignite Performance?

    Jack Groppel, PhD

  • ACSM's Health & Fitness Journal

    High-Intensity Circuit Training Using Body Weight: Maximum Results With Minimal Investment


  • The Power of an Energy Microburst

    Janet Nikolovski, Ph.D. & Jack Groppel, Ph.D.

  • The User Centric Approach and Participant Flow Maps: A New Look at Increasing Participation and Engagement

    Joe Alexander, M.M., M.A. Kathryn Luedtke

  • A Staircase of Individual and Organizational Health: Bringing the Biology of Business Performance to Life.

    Jack L. Groppel, Ph.D. Ben Wiegand, Ph.D.

  • Train Using Sport Science. Learn from the Biology of Business Performance

    Jack L. Groppel, Ph.D., Co-Founder of the Human Performance Institute and Vice President of Applied Science & Performance Training at Johnson & Johnson Health and Wellness Solutions, Inc.

  • Breaking Through: 30 years later, why people still struggle to maintain good health and what you can do about it.

    Shawn T. Mason, PhD, Raphaela Finkenauer O'Day, Ph.D.


  • Train Using Sports Science - Learn Using the Biology of Business Performance

    Published in Leadership Excellence
    Jack L. Groppel, Ph.D

  • Becoming an Organization in MOTION™

    Jack L. Groppel, Ph.D, Joe Alexander, M.M., M.A

  • The Missing Headline: Where's the Patient in Patient-Centered Care?

    Danielle L. Giuseffi, MPH

  • Of Health Plans and Avalanches

    Janet Greenhut, MD, MPH

  • Effective Incentive Design

    Raphaela Finkenauer O'Day, Ph.D.
    Originally published in Benefits Magazine, this insight-filled article takes a close look at some of the latest motivational strategies being effectively employed to help increase participation and sustain engagement.

  • Digital Health Coaching for Population Health Management

    Shawn T. Mason, PhD: IHC, March/April 2012


  • The Impact of Weight Gain or Loss on Health Care Costs for Employees at the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies

    Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Ginger Smith Carls, Ph.D., Ron Z. Goetzel, Ph.D., Rachel Mosher Henke, Ph.D., Jennifer Bruno, BS, Fikry Isaac, MD, Janice McHugh, DBA, RN, COHN-S

  • Productivity and Health: An Application of Three Perspectives to Measuring Productivity

    Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, John Lenneman, Ph.D., Steve Schwartz Ph.D., Danielle L. Giuseffi, MPH, Chun Wang, MS

    This study illustrates the meaningful relationship between self-reported measures of productivity and health status from three different perspectives. Evaluating and tracking the health of individuals with different conditions demonstrated that improvements in health status also led to significant gains in productivity.

  • A New Performance Paradigm

    Jack L. Groppel, Ph.D. and Ben Wiegand, Ph.D

    Read about the physiology behind how taking time for short intervals of movement throughout the workday can have a impact on energy and performance.

  • Medical Cost Savings for Web-Based Wellness Program Participants From Employers Engaged in Health Promotion Activities

    Laura C. Williams, Ph.D.; Brian T. Day, EdD: AJHP, March/April 2011, Vol. 25, No. 4

  • Fixing The Health Care Crisis, One Employee at a Time

    Bill Weldon, CEO, Johnson & Johnson

    In this Harvard Business Review article, Bill Weldon, Johnson & Johnson CEO, shares the powerful story behind what it has taken to instill a true Culture of Health and Performance across the more than 250 operating companies that comprise one of the world’s largest healthcare companies.

  • Exercise Builds Brain Cells: Unique Study Looks at the Positive Impact of Physical Activity on Cognition During Adulthood

    Johnson & Johnson Health and Wellness Solutions recently published a scientific paper in collaboration with Harvard Medical School that takes a closer look at how physical activity can impact people's ability to process information, effectively learn, retain their memory and actually build brain cells.

  • Effects of Binge Eating Can Be Felt in the Workplace, but Hope Is Available through Employer-Sponsored Programs

    Binge eating and obesity are behavioral health issues that can be addressed with successful obesity treatments available through disease and behavioral health management. By implementing binge eating programs, employers can help their employees lead a healthier lifestyle and increase their workplace engagement and productivity.

  • Does Johnson & Johnson‘s Health and Wellness Program Continue to Improve Employee Health and Save Money Thirty Years After Implementation?

    Health Affairs Journal

    This evaluation examines the impact of the program on employees’ health risks and healthcare costs for the period of 2002 through 2008. Measured against other similar large companies, Johnson & Johnson experienced 3.7% lower average annual growth in total medical expenditures and its employees benefited from meaningful reduction in rates of obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, tobacco use, physical inactivity, and poor nutrition.

  • Culture of Health: A New Perspective

    Wendy Sebranek, MA, Shawn T. Mason, Ph.D., Joe Alexander, MA, Steven Schwartz, Ph.D., Raphaela Finkenauer O'Day, Ph.D.

    When employees are happy and healthy, business performance can improve and organizations can achieve a competitive advantage with a highly productive, truly engaged workforce. This article takes an innovative approach to understanding what motivates employees to change behaviors and participate and stay engaged in wellness initiatives.

  • The Biology of Business Performance

    Jack L. Groppel, Ph.D. and Ben Wiegand, Ph.D.

    Business leaders can help crack the productivity code by applying the world of sports science to create an elite corporate workforce and understanding that The Body Is Business Relevant™


  • Women Using a Web-Based Digital Coaching Program For Stress Management: Stress Sources, Symptoms and Coping Strategies

    Stress & Health

    Guiseffi D, Bedrosian R, Schwartz S, Wildenhaus K, Wang C, Yu A, Wiegand B:

  • Productivity and Health: Best Practices for Better Measures of Productivity

    Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Steven M. Schwartz, Ph.D., John Riedel, MPH, MBA

    As interest in evaluating the relationship between health and lost productivity has increased among employers, this study aims to highlight important productivity measurement issues for consideration within an overall business strategy.

  • The Positive Impact of Physical Activity on Cognition During Adulthood: A Review of Underlying Mechanisms, Evidence, and Recommendations

    John J. Ratey, Harvard Medical School and James E. Loehr, Human Performance Institute

    Population health and performance programs that promote physical activity can help provide gains for employees and employers through improvements in worker health and performance and financial returns for the company.

  • Move Beyond Traditional Participation & Engagement Strategies

    Johnson & Johnson Health and Wellness Solutions, Inc. recently conducted a comprehensive National Landmark Study to better understand how employees think about their companies' commitment to health as well as what leads individuals to participate and stay engaged in health and wellness programs. The study yielded some interesting results.

  • Mental Health Parity

    J Health & Productivity Management
    Richard C. Bedrosian, Ph.D.

  • The Impact of an Online Disease Management Program on Medical Costs Among Health Plan Members

    Steven M. Schwartz, Ph.D.; Brian Day, EdD; Kevin Wildenhaus, Ph.D.; Anna Silberman, MPH; Chun Wang, MS; Jordan Silberman, BS

  • If Medication (Non)Adherence was an Easy Fix, It Might Not Be So Prevalent

    Managed Care Outlook

  • The Economic Value of a Wellness and Disease Prevention Program

    Schwartz SM, Ireland C, Strecher V, Nakao D, Wang C, Juarez DT: Population Health Management. 13(6):309-3167, 2010.

  • Detoxifying Depression

    Human Resource Executive

    Michael O’Brien