How do we keep people coming back, day after day and year after year? We get personal.

Participation & Engagement

It’s easy to become excited about a new activity or change in routine. But true sustained behavior change requires consistent individual engagement and participation and a daily commitment to health. So how do we keep people coming back, day after day and year after year? We get personal. Our extensive behavior science research and deep end-user insights helps us understand people: to discover what helps drive real and lasting change as well as what can get in the way. It is this holistic, human-centered approach to behavior change that is the key to driving meaningful and consistent participation across our solutions.

By truly understanding people, we can help transform healthy behavior change into something people naturally want to do for themselves every day.

Organizational Participation & Engagement

We offer multiple approaches to help you or your customers assess and build an authentic culture of health and workplace performance. Our solution is flexible and can be configured and adapted to integrate smoothly with existing programs. Our proprietary, end-user segmentation tool allows us to quickly categorize individuals into one of six distinct segments, ensuring each receives communication messaging and program recruitment materials that are the right fit for their goals, lifestyle, and health concerns.

Individual Participation & Engagement

By understanding the values, goals, needs, and motivations of individuals, we can design personalized solutions and action plans that help inspire them to discover and ignite the inner drive to make healthy lifestyle changes every day.

Our extensive research into behavior science allows us to create participation and engagement solutions that connect, motivate, and engage with people in a genuinely meaningful way. We place the end-user at the center of everything we do, and then create programs tailored to each of them individually.

Part of what makes our solution different from others is not only our ability to understand the individual, but our ability to use these insights to personalize each experience – at both the individual and the organizational levels. Based on information collected through our proprietary Succeed Health Assessment, we create and deliver a unique, tailored action plan for each individual, so that we can support each one in achieving his or her personal goals. Our proprietary Fusion technology incorporates epidemiologic needs, motivational levels, individual progress, demographics, and various psycho-social insights to help ensure each individual’s action plan is the right fit for that individual.

Driving Participation: Our Unique Approach

Johnson & Johnson Health and Wellness Solutions works with your organization to conduct a discovery process across key areas that affect participation (e.g. Executive Support, Online Access, Program Integration, Communications). We then make recommendations for optimizing relevant key areas in order to drive participation. As recommendations are followed and changes are made, we will continually evaluate progress and build an effective plan to maintain and grow participation along the way. In order to continue engaging your population, your Strategic Account Manager will work closely with you to determine the best approach, from a range of options including marketing campaigns, portal communications, and more.

Integrated, Not Just Aggregated

Johnson & Johnson Health and Wellness Solutions is committed to delivering a truly seamless and engaging experience for you and your population. We meaningfully integrate our behavior science, proprietary core solutions, and unique consumer insights to provide a cohesive solution that delivers consistent measurable outcomes and results.

Integrated Portal: Our solutions feature an innovative, integrated central portal where employees or members can access a wide range of information and services, including:

  • Personal action plans and health information
  • Relevant information about programs and services
  • Incentives and rewards offerings

Case in Point: Regional Health Plan

Like so many organizations in our industry, a health plan in the mid-west recognized the pressing need to increase member participation in its health and wellness offerings. Partnering together, we were able to document impressive gains in helping convince plan members to actively pursue healthier lifestyles*.

  • Membership participation increased from 5.7% to 11.9% bewteen2007 and 2010.**
  • Approximately 70% of those eligible engaged in health and wellness related activities (as required by the program) during 2010. **
  • One organization saw their employees’ average Lifestyle Score increase from 76.15 in 2007 up to 81.72 in 2010. This 5.5 point increase translates into a population striving to live healthier. **
  • Between 2007 and 2010 the percentage of employees in one organization who did not meet the minimum physical activity recommendations dropped from 60.4% to 37.8%. **

* Results are specific to this customer and do not reflect generally expected performance given the unique nature of each wellness program.

** Data and results are based on customer and internal data analyses. All analyses utilized participation in health and wellness activities as defined by the customer.

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