Measurement & Reporting

We understand data from every angle and deliver it to you in a way that is relevant, highly actionable, and timely.

Standard Analytics Reports

JJHWS offers the following standard reports to detail adoption, completion rates, and population health summaries at your organization’s preferred level of detail.

Activity Reports show monthly and yearly participation activity for all licensed programs (monthly or ad hoc).

Population Health Reports summarize self-reported health behaviors, disease statistics, and risk prevalence of your organization’s health assessment participants vs JJHWS book of business data (annually or ad hoc).

Population Trend Report provide data around health behaviors, productivity, disease prevalence, and risk factors of participants between time periods (annually or ad hoc).

Behavior Change Outcomes Presentations deliver professionally packaged executive presentations that highlight risk prevalence data, estimated productivity impairment, digital health coaching program outcomes, and participant satisfaction for all licensed programs (annually).

Professional Analytics Services*

JJHWS professional services allow our data analytics group to engage with your organization for additional insights on an ad-hoc basis.

Predictive Modeling on behavior change, health risk reduction or program engagement.

Integration Analysis of JJHWS Program Data with medical claims or biometrics data to evaluate the impact of the programs on cost, utilization and ROI or with pharmacy data to model medication adherence and population persistency risk stratification.

Segmentation and Clusters to study participants by groups.

Longitudinal Data Analysis to compare the trend for multiple years and estimate trajectory with growth modeling.

Benchmark Generation using a comparable population from JJHWS database or public data.

Comparative Analysis of data between previous and current vendors.

*Professional Analytics Services are available for additional fees.

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