"The action steps are presented in a way that I can easily understand without feeling overwhelmed or losing interest." - My Health Discovery™ Participant

Health Assessment

My Health Discovery™

A fully reimagined digital health assessment

Introducing My Health Discovery™, a whole new way to help your members take personal steps for their health on a path toward vibrant and longer lives. It helps connect people to their behaviors and values, encouraging them to take positive steps in a new direction

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We start by asking the right questions

We conducted a predictive validity study to determine which questions are most predictive of health-related behaviors. My Health Discovery™ also assesses purpose, motivation quality and mindfulness, as recent research demonstrates the importance of these factors to behavior change.

From assessment to action steps

Based on an individual's results, My Health Discovery™ recommends a tailored selection of simple, attainable action steps and provides feedback to help motivate participants. Action steps can also become a natural pathway to Digital Health Coaching.

An exceptional user experience puts health in their hands

With a clean design, colorful graphics, encouraging sounds and easy-to-understand questions, My Health Discovery™ is accessible, engaging and focuses on encouragement rather than corrective feedback - helping people build skills and habits that help promote physical and mental health.

Actionable insights into your population

We aggregate responses from all participants to provide unique, actionable data designed to help you manage the health of your population.

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